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[POWER S4E04] I Promise You I Didn’t Know…

Man, I promise you I didn’t know. It’s like I got a seat at the table and I’m apart of Power’s writing team. Because, after this episode wrapped, I swear to GOD Almighty, I said, “I don’t just watch Power…I’m IN POWER!”

…And, low and behold, this week’s episode is titled, “WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER…”


Yooooo, this shit is crazy! From the gate, I’m pissed and I wanna whoop Charlie Murphy’s ass, (RIP My G, but shit, you playing that role too good!!!), while being torn, by feelin the cop code. They are a gang too, don’t play! So, if you touch one of theirs, they are gonna make you feel it!


Theeeeeeeen Angela and Tasha meet up, and I’m beggin the writers, by the end of season, let wifey get one pimp slap in, for real, have Tommy be ready with the powder on deck, lol… And, Lord, save the children, cause I wanna touch that little boy up so tough! Tariq, you that lonely, to let yourself get infiltrated like that? You out here doing big mon moves, all cause you mad at Daddy? You’re worst than a bitch…Bless my heart, lol! But, I got boys and I tell them all the time, it’s not always personal, but there’s ALWAYS kats like Kanan (50 Cent’s character), waiting for you in the wings. TRUST! I just wished baby gurl would’ve said…“Slim, oh you mean KANAN…?”


Yall played me right there, but I liked it, smh and lol!

Again, man this is on a whole new level of entertainment. From the theme song, I’m singing with Seattle’s Skyline in mind, to the end of the rolling credits…
HIDE YA WIFE & YA KIDS BOO…Ghost is still runnin the tizzzzown!
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