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Russell & his Mother handout backpacks to the youth.

On Sunday, September 2nd, 2012, it was a great site to see. 400+ children, running around Edmonds Family Fun Center, getting their haircut and styled, riding rides until near exhaustion, full service nail salon for the little girls, Spiderman & Batman face painting for the little boys and food for every child.

I had an opportunity to volunteer last year as well, and although the venue changed from Tukwila to Edmonds, the turnout was fabulous! Seattle Seahawks Russell Okung’s Up Foundation provided transportation via Starline Luxury Coaches for needy families, with pick up

Tialer Maxwell, PR for UP FOUNDATION
from Garfield High School in Seattle’s Central District. Plus, to show how dedicated the foundation is to their annual commitment, they flew out their Public Relations Rep, Tialer Maxwell, for 24 hours, to ensure that EVERY detail would be handled personally by someone who was invested in their mission.

This wasn’t just your regular backpack giveaway. Included in the backpacks, were not only Paper, Pens/Pencils, and Erasers, but Toiletries as well, which are desperately needed for young men & women coming of age, returning back to school.

Marlon Turner of Urbel Ent, picking out the best “Dougie” dancers 😉

DJ Sketch & Host Marlon Turner kept everyone on their feet, dancing and participating in contests, w/ Bike Giveaways for the kids w/ the hottest skills and smooth grooves for the parents 😉 While Girl E Time TV, grabbed interviews from unexpected families and staff to get their take on the event.

Gerri of Gerri Creative Salon & Spa, located in Seattle, WA.

A sincere thank you goes out to Gerri Creative Salon & Spa, Ms. Pepper, and Kimora Lee Hair!!! Without more than a moments notice, you lovely ladies rose to the occasion!!! Big ups to ALL the Volunteers, Barbers & Stylists who donated their Labor day Sunday to give back to their community. I wish I knew all your names, but please know that you were apart of something sooooooooo spectacular and amazing! These children are going back to school w/ pride and confidence, all because of YOU & THE UP FOUNDATION!!!

Volunteers for this special event!!!

Thank you Russell for staying true to your GIVE BACK task!!!
We appreciate you greatly!!! Now, bring us home the SuperBowl title!!!

Russell Okung taking pictures w/ young fans 😉

For more information on The Up Foundation, check out their website at http://upfoundation.webs.com !!!

Jah Bless Our Journey!!!

-Lady Scribe