Tarvaris Jackson’s undistinguished five years in Minnesota suggest that the new Seahawks QB is a temp in the pursuit of a replacement for Matt Hasselbeck.

When the offensive line starts two rookies, a second-year left tackle and a third-year center (combined 27 NFL starts),  and a humble corps of receivers, experience and leadership at QB would seem to be mandatory to survive 2011.

Jackson has a big arm as well as the legs to run away from harm, but he’s started 20 games in five years in Minnesota (10-10 record) to minimal swoonery that he is the next Donovan McNabb.

It would be easier for a Seahawks fan to talk himself or herself into believing in Jackson if the people who signed him Tuesday weren’t the same ones who were convinced a year ago that Charlie Whitehurst was capable of beating out Hasselbeck(as stated by Art Thiel of

So much for Seahawks coach Pete Carroll saying that re-signing Matt Hasselbeck was the team's highest priority. / Rod Mar, Seahawks

So tomorrow is the big day! Seattle Seahawks retire number 8…With day 2 into the season, are we really prepared to enter practice, and even the 2011 season w/o Hasselbeck? Sure, he’ll be 36 this September, a few bones broken, more muscles torn and spirit damaged by not securing a ring, but starting a quarterback who’s only lead 20 games, is that a good idea?

We’ll soon find out!!! All I know is that we need a WIN around here!!! So, bring it home fellas by any means necessary!!!

-Lady Scribe @SHeReAdYeVenTs 

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