"I Always Fall for Your Type"...

About 40 minutes north of Seattle, The Tulalip Amphitheater, in Tulalip, WA will never be the same. I mean it was as if Jamie Foxx and his crew, came to Washington, Friday, July 22nd, 2011 and lifted the sun themselves! So, much energy in the air that his magnetic performance, shocked those it touched. His voice so rich and powerful, it could be heard from any lane northbound on I5.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a cohesive unit and believe me it showed throughout the amazing set. Filled with comedy by both Jamie Foxx and Comedian Speedy of Speedy’s Comedy Corner, the show was inclusive of wit, and of course

Lonnie Bereal leaving it all on the stage...

vocals that he exercised like strumming a violin. The Foxx Tour highlighted other incredible talents in the band, “Young Marques” (Marques Anthony) Jamie called him, and Lonnie Bereal, a triple threat, songwriter, producer and vocalist.

Jamie Foxx Tour 7/22/11 Tulalip, WA
"Young Marques" Gettin It In...







The trilogy blew up the stage accompanying Jamie on some of his huge hits,  “Unpredictable”“Just Like Me”, “Fall For Your Type” and “Blame It”.

Shots all around!

By the way, thanks for the shots of Patron fellas, it was a perfect top off to the evening, cause after the show it’s the after party, where we all blamed it on something 🙂 !!!   

-Lady Scribe @SHeReAdYeVenTs


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